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梁国雄,CHtresor Art创始人,梁焕明端砚艺术博物馆馆长。 出生于中国传统艺术世家,代代相传艺术品交易商。拥有索邦大学考古与艺术史学院和Inseec商学院艺术市场专业双硕士文凭。 他是《Napoléon 1er & SÈVRES, L'art de la porcelane au service de l'Empire》一书中文版的译者,法国EMLYON商学院“艺术收藏”课程客座讲师,曾作为特邀嘉宾在法国驻法国领事馆教育处进行艺术讲座。

Guoxiong LIANG, the founder of CHtresor Art, the Liang Huanming Duan Ink Art Museum curator. Guoxiong was born in a traditional Chinese art family, art dealer—with double master's diplomas in art market from Sorbonne University and Inseec Business School. He is the translator of the Chinese version of the book "Napoléon 1er & SÈVRES, L'art de la porcelaine au service de l'Empire". He is the guest lecturer of the "Art Collection" course at EMLYON Business School in France.  As a special guest, he gave art lectures at the Education Office of the Consulate in France. 

袁哲,博士,合作伙伴,塞弗尔瓷器收藏家,达芬奇大学助理教授(终身教授)。 她对艺术品投资、供应链和价值链有很多研究。 她在国际知名期刊上发表了多篇论文。 擅长从经济学和投资的角度分析西方精品艺术品的投资。

Zhe YUAN, Ph.D., Collaborator, Collector of Sevre porcelain, is an  Assistant Professor at Pôle universitaire Léonard de Vinci (permanent). She has much research on art investment, supply chain, and value chain. She has published many papers in well-known international journals. She is good at analyzing the investment of fine Western artworks from the perspective of economics and investment.

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